TOP 5 NFT Marketplaces 2022


NFT has become the word of 2021, according to the editors of Harper Collins Explanatory English Dictionary. But what is NFT and why is everyone talking about it? We want to find out together.

What is NFT?

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) – an exclusive, one-of-a-kind digital object – an image, an audio recording, a digital work of art, a toy, a game character, a domain name, a financial instrument, a club card, etc.

In other words, it is a token that represents a unique, indivisible digital asset.

Some industries are only considering using the token, while others have already integrated the technology into their business processes.

Which sectors have already recognized the benefits of NFTs?

  • game industry
  • art scene
  • Logistics
  • Cinema
  • The Metaverses  and ten more…

The topic is of interest to world-famous celebrities, musicians, artists and other personalities who use the blockchain to their advantage.

Just for fun + practical relevance will do. NFTs and their upcoming new forms that we haven’t even heard of will change a lot of things that seem unchanging to us.

We are still at the beginning…

Despite the token euphoria of 2021, we are still in the early stages. Much has already been done, but more remains to be done.

But don’t be one of the laggards! – You know: life punishes those who come too late. Now, right now, is the time to jump on the bandwagon, learn all about the benefits of the token, and maybe even develop your own. Maybe it will be the Mona Lisa of the digital world, who knows…

After a brief introduction to the token , the next question usually arises: “Where can I get it?”

Answer: On special trading platforms where you can buy or sell NFTs.

Let’s take a closer look at the marketplaces of various blockchains that can become one of the main market players in the near future.

TOP 5 NFT Marketplaces 2022

1 – LooksRare

Blockchain: Ethereum

Launched at the beginning of 2022, simple registration, you can use the service after connecting the wallet. These services are available:

  • Buy/sell tokens in ETH, WETH
  • List of NFT offers, like an order on an exchange
  • List of offers for all tokens in the selected offer collection.

2 – Bybit NFT Marketplace

Normal marketplace. Thanks to the exchange and cooperation with new projects, new collections are regularly added, NFT draws are held among customers, as well as prize draws from the platform team.

KYC may be required to attend events on the marketplace from Bybit.

3 – Magic Eden

Blockchain: Solana

Currently #1 in terms of trading volume on the Solana blockchain.

You can participate through any of the 11 wallets listed on the site. Simple and intuitive interface. A new feature for NFT embossing has recently been introduced to make the embossing process easier for creators.

4 – PancakeSwap

Blockchain: BSK

In connection with the DEX, this marketplace turned out to be quite good at first. The PancakeSwap marketplace reached $3.7 million in trading volume just 24 hours after launch.

The principle of buying/selling is similar to cryptocurrency on the stock exchange.

5 – Relictum NFT Market

Blockchain: Relictum

The Relictum marketplace   was launched at the end of last year and immediately attracted media attention. It offers everything you can collect and more.

Thanks to a clear interface, anyone can create their own token in just a few clicks in a regular mobile application and put it up for sale on the Relictum marketplace.

The team took it one step further and created their own decentralized digital art repository. Bridges to other blockchains and marketplaces make this project a treasure trove for punk and monkey lovers.

The biggest advantage is that there are no fees on the Relictum network. Sending NFTs across the network without fees is something the community appreciates. At the moment it is one of the most promising projects.

Something big is coming…

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